How can I return?

First, read through our Return Policy to see if your order is eligible for a return.

Please use following steps if you wish to return any products ordered from

1. Visit and click Returns in the top left or click here.

2. Provide your e-mail address and order number (if you ordered before 04/08/2020, use the numbers after BW in your order number and add a '#' before the numbers).

3. Select the item(s) designated for return

4. Click on the “Create Return” button

5. Fill in your return type and reason, add a note if necessary and ALWAYS add a photo of your product when a mistake has been made or when you have received a defective product.

- Without this online request you cannot return your product

- You will be refunded the same way you payed.

- More info about your return will be provided by e-mail.

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